Adventure Parks

Treetop Adventure Parks Equipment - Nets, Ropes & Logs
Campbell River, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Grey River Netting in Campbell River offers a unique line of netting products specially designed for adventure parks, treetop adventure parks, and playgrounds. We offer climbing nets, crash pads, swinging logs, Tarzan ropes, V-nets and walking nets, all carefully designed and crafted for safety and durability.Adventure Park

Climbing Nets – Equipment for Adventure Parks

Grey River Netting custom made climbing nets are great for playgrounds, adventure parks and treetop adventure parks. Climbing nets can be made any size and shape with your choice of 3-strand nylon or Danstrong rope, or Blendtec 12-strand hollow braid rope.  

Crash Pads – Adventure Parks Equipment

Crash pads are made with thick, long-lasting foam and a durable PVC vinyl zippered shell in several colours. Custom made to the size specifications for your adventure park.

Swing Logs and Tarzan Ropes – Equipment for Adventure Parks

What treetop adventure park is complete without a Tarzan rope and swinging log? Our swinging logs are secured at either end with strong Danstrong rope, providing a secure but jiggly log perfect for testing balance and steadiness.

The iconic Tarzan rope swing is a must-have addition to any treetop adventure park. Our Tarzan ropes make the most of safe, modern technology while providing a primal experience. They are made to length out of sturdy Danstrong rope and are perfect for building upper body strength.

V-Nets & Walking Nets - Adventure Parks Equipment

V-nets are excellent for cultivating balance, a necessary skill when attempting an adventure park course or treetop adventure course. Grey River Netting's V-nets are strong and well designed with 2” mesh and a Danstrong rope border.

Walking nets are a great addition to any adventure park or treetop adventure park. Grey River Netting's walking nets are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting. They can be made to order in whatever size you're looking for.

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