About Us

Grey River Netting Inc. is a locally owned and operated business which was established in Nanaimo, BC in 1996. Initially we focused mainly on the manufacture and repair of commercial fishing nets and gear, but over the years we have grown to encompass many different areas, including sport netting, prawn traps, and outdoor adventure parks.

In 2011 we moved our business to our current location in Campbell River, BC in order to grow and expand as new and old customers come to us for quality custom netting and service. 

We always ensure that nothing but the best result is achieved for all of our clients.


Marine Harvest has worked with Grey River Netting Inc. for the past several years.  Their services to us have primarily involved the quality repair and modifications of production netting as well as some smaller manufacturing projects.

Grey has provided both in-town and on-site services.  I have always enjoyed working with Hugh and his crew.  The “Grey” crew work hard to complete work order specs within all-important deadlines and to do so with the highest quality workmanship.

Most sincerely,

Conroy Briczin - Marine Harvest Net Services Coordinator

Commercial, Residential and Industrial Netting